Learn Free

"Learn Free" is a short documentary about unschooling which is an educational philosophy that states children learn best by not attending traditional school, but rather through their own interests and everyday experiences. Made for an 11 week Documentary class.

With over 50,000 views on YouTube and viewers asking to know more about unschooling, I have decided to make a feature length documentary on this topic giving a more in depth look of a family growing together while unschooling their children. If you have a perspective on unschooling and would like to inform others in my film, please contact me at lillyrosemc@gmail.com. All donations will go towards the production of Learn Free and cover production, marketing, and travel costs.

Talking about my film Learn Free on the 20-Something Project Blog. To learn more about The 20 Something Project visit www.penniganproductions.com

Music Credit - Cars for Karma